Neuroluma:- What is an active brain? In my point of view active brain is the brain which allows you to do certain task that you want to do and not what you are supposed to. Our brain has a complex structure which many scientist trying to understand, to unlock the capabilities that we cannot even imagine, our brain can do some special task with the help of which we can achieve anything in life, but the reason that we have no control over our brain is that most of the part of our brain is locked or in scientific terms we can say that the neurotransmitters are connected but not transferring messages to certain parts of our brain, causing them to get blocked. Now sometimes we feel that we need our brain but it is not responding to that stimulus we are getting and according to that situation is not reacting, and this is not our fault or in our hand that we control its functioning, all we can do is to try to get focussed but we cannot force it to get focussed and this is again simply because of neurotransmitter which is either sending signal to different neuron rather than those which it is normally supposed to do. Now those peoples who are experiencing low in energy or low in concentration is mostly because these neurotransmitters are highly dis-operational, in this condition what the final neurotransmitter gets will be our point of view or thinking, so if you trying to focus on studies and unable to think about the subject rather you want to go to watch any movie is simply because of this neurons that are sending signals in different positions. What to do next in order to get more attention? Then I simply suggests you to get a smart brain solution to this problem, which is Neuroluma.

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NEUROLUMA is the smart brain solution, it is that brain supplement which allows you to unlock those part of your brain which is not accessible normally by you, it enables inactive neurons to transmit more signals at a time which leads to more smart solution to problems with less efforts. Not only this it is now clinically proven that NEUROLUMA can increase the cognitive state, enhance your Intellectual aspect in no time, you will starts to have the feeling in your gut that you are more confident in doing tasks and you are putting less efforts for completing certain task.


NEUROLUMA is no rocket science which needs specialisation and preventive measures to consume it is just another pill like your other medicinal pills. So you can consume it by simply with water. But there are certain things that you have to do it for getting more suitable results as per the recommendation of neurologists:

  1. Take Good care of your health by having balanced diet only
  2. Your diet must includes
    1. Green leafy veggies
    2. Almonds
    3. Cashew nuts
    4. Ground nuts
    5. All colours of fruits
  3. Do some meditation or yoga in morning
  4. Take one pill after your breakfast with juice (you can take it with water too)
  5. Normally go to work or school or spend the day as like you always do
  6. And finally have a good nap at night

Another thing along with this, you can do some mind engaging workout like solving puzzles, different sots of riddles or other mind games to keep your mind active.


Ingredients are the most important part of any product, isn’t it? Every time you buy any product from stores the first thing you see is the ingredients that are used to form the formula of that product. Just because this product is for brain and must not cause any type of damage to it, makers takes extreme care while deciding the ingredients of this product, only those ingredients are allowed that have naturalness in it or from which they can extract the goodness of it. Now if you are willing to see all the ingredients of this product then I am afraid that you cannot able to see its full list anywhere on the internet because they did not disclosed most of their ingredients and hence nobody has its full information. But we included the vital ingredients to this list:

  • X-proteins
  • Minerals
  • Bee pollen
  • Piracetam
  • Essential nutrients

These ingredients are not only great in providing essential ingredients but also helps in achieving better cognitive level than normal.

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As I said above that there is no rocket science in consuming that pill, but if we talk about the working of this pill then I must say that it more than just a rocket science, as we know that mind is not a small thing it is a collection of millions of neutrons that are connected with each other in or brain only which makes its architecture more complex and confusing. Now, the neurotransmitters are activated by this pill which will allows the consumer to activate the other part of brain by unblocking the hurdles which prevents transmission of messages between any two nodes. Thus creating a longer chain which enables faster and more accurate response in comparatively shorter time period.



  • Better mental vision
  • Laser like concentration
  • Increases the energy level
  • Long term memory can be increased by its regular use
  • Intellectual strength will be increased in 3 to 4 weeks of its use
  • From now on you will stop forgetting things
  • No loss in short term memory


  • Some consumers reports some minor issues like irritation
  • Should consult psychologist at first place so as not to counter any problem
  • Especially not for kids, must only be used by adults [above 30 years of age]
  • You will not find this offline, only for sale in online


You can buy NEUROLUMA from the link given below and see how fast it will work for you, it does for all other and sure it will for you.


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