CogniQ:- As we all know that peoples who forgets everything just the moment before 10 – 20 minutes ago are relative to the case of short term memory loss, and for those who forgets everything and brings their mind to a year or two ago are relative to long term memory loss, these conditions are very critical and can lead to many worse situation that no one can even imagine. Other peoples are also relate these situations as disorders or mental imbalance, but those peoples are not full correct these situation might rises in every living mind during its lifetime but generally this occurs in old age. Forgetting things on daily basis is very dangerous and it might lead you to complete loss of memories in that case it is very difficult to repossess it back, and short term retention loss later becomes long term / or complete memory loss. This must be care gently or else the person might end up in losing its power of thinking and remembrance. In that situation, support from family members are very important because those are the one who can truly close to them and will take care of them in more careful way. In these condition the peoples generally refuse to know even the closest member of their life, but that is not their fault they really do and in this condition you have to take care seriously because if you are not putting your efforts to cure them this time you might lose them forever, I know these moments are full of frustration but love and efforts can do wonders, you might not know when you will get back the person’s memory back but what you have to keep in your mind is that you must not quit, the time you quit fighting to that situation, you will not get the person back to its life. For that reason, for not letting your expectation and motivation for curing the person down, a formula is introduced which takes care of the most of the part while you have to just be with them and support, it is known as COGNIQ.Seeing someone every day who try to remember the things of day before is painful, isn’t it? Short term memory loss and long term memory loss is very dangerous for a person and simultaneously a very difficult time for those family that has those persons with these disorders. Medical science and technology reaches very far but they are far behind the concepts and logics of human brain, the complexity of human brain is very high which causes mass confusion in understanding its architecture. And on the other hand if we talk about those families and persons with that disorders they find real hard time to live life because for them life is meaning less, just think about it, wake up one day does not remember anything who you are, what you did, where you belong from and especially who are the peoples in front of you crying and tensed for you trying to make you remember that you are one of them, that must be a real pain in somebodies life which wastes the life of their loved ones too. But now in today’s world medical science and psychologist try to reach to somewhat vicinity of the human brain so that they can achieve something and the latest research in this field find some way to the bright side from the dark, they have created a formula that might help someone to gain back its memory and gives the person a chance to stand again in front of everybody with their own childhood identity, and the formula so formed is known as COGNIQ.What did you do last night? You do not remember? Or someone else is facing this kind of problem and you are here for them?! Whatever be the reason short term memory loss is very common problem among aged persons, they literally forgets everything about what happened 1 min ago or a year ago. The basic symptoms of this kind of problem is forgetting keys inside your car, forgetting the names of your family members, you have completely no idea why you were at that place and where you have to go, and the list goes on it is a never ending list with lots of hardship and pain to those who are very close to you they can not see you in such condition. Everybody feels completely helpless and they do not know what to do next to resolve this problem. Consulting doctors, specialists, neurologist, and blah blah….! Are not you fed up with all these conditions, taking medicines every day, new treatments everyday only makes you frustrated and nothing seems to work for you? Then you have to switch to different type of treatment which is not only trustworthy but has proven to provide results and is tested on various persons, so that you can analyse the results and decide whether or not this suitable or not or whether you want to take it or not. But another question that definitely comes into your mind is that where do you find this type of solution? Is that kind of solution really exists? If you do not think that this type of solutions are actually present then think twice! COGNIQ is the solution that you are looking for that can helps in conquering that mind barrier which halts you from remembering things.



COGNIQ is not like other brain boosters or not only look after specific problem in brain, rather it is meant for the purpose of healing that side of brain which is most affected or damaged and takes more than one problem at a time which makes it more absolute solution for any type of brain problems. On carefully observing the clinical reports of COGNIQ anyone can tell that it is more robust solution for brains and is not like other brain supplements, it can also increments the cognitive area of brain and help your brain to be more active.COGNIQ is the solution to all your mind related problems that makes you forget everything. Then what is it actually? COGNIQ is an advanced formula that helps mind to be relaxed and thus at that short time span it improves the vitality and quality of the brain, it is the results of the 10 years in which many neurologists have putted their hard work and formed this amazing solution that can able to cure and maintains the health of your brain and helps you remembering things.COGNIQ is the result of modern science and biological frame work which can help a person in unlocking those part of memory that are still present in the brain but has hidden somewhere in its own galaxy, see brain is not a small thing psychologists have put theories about brain in which they have considered it as a space having their own very small small but large number of galaxies. In brain nothing can be erased just we do not have so much of control on our brain that we able to retrieve as much information from our brain as we could. COGNIQ aidss in controlling to those part of the brain of the persons that are suffering from these symptoms who unable to control even those parts that are control by a common man. Not only this COGNIQ is created for those persons too that finds themselves low in confidence due to lack of attention, concentration, energy and thoughtfulness, it aids in getting more directed and devoted to a specific work, it also helps our mind to stay directed for longer duration which is not focused in todays world all because of various craps like social media and smartphones.

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You can use COGNIQ just like other medicines and there is no rocket science is involved in it. But you have to make sure certain things in order to get most out of this brain supplement; which allows you to better utilize and activation of cells quickly and helps in getting back the normal condition of brain in much fewer time. COGNIQ is available in the form of a pill and you can take it along with fruit juice or milk so as to get more healthy effect on your overall body. Overall health of body is very important, sometimes peoples feels that they are getting enough from supplement itself so do not take diet accordingly which is kind of bad habit, you have to take proper diet, which must include high amount of protein – to repair more muscles, and equal amount of carbs and fats in order to get complete proportion of diet. If you take care of your body rather than focussing on one part then you will get results in much faster way.COGNIQ is one of the most complex formulation that can actually proved to be beneficial for brain that loses all the juice to makes things remember. The basic steps that need to do is:

  • Do some yoga in morning and so that your mind relaxes a bit
  • Take one pill each morning after a healthy breakfast with juice
  • Go for a walk
  • Do some mind exercise that keeps your mind engaged in something new
  • Do not pressurize your brain on something
  • Do not take tension

Every day this medicine is proven to be the best source of getting essential nutrients for the brain that fulfils the vacant corner and makes your brain happy. Seniority is the route which we can not control but the problems associated with ageing are in our hand it is our duty to control over it or else it can make thing even more worse, cognitive decline that are developed with age can cause harm in lot many ways so it should be handled carefully and effectively, and this supplement is amazing in terms of curing these up to 70%.Nothing special or complicated in it! you can take this brain supplement as a normal pill that we consumes in our daily life for various purposes or simply how we take medicines. But the things that you should keep in mind that:

  • Take a pill right after the breakfast, your breakfast should include green leafy veggies and saladas + nutrients like almonds, cashew nuts and all related family of nutrient
  • Go to work, or spend the day as normally you would
  • Try to solve some riddles and mind games to keep your mind engaged in something beneficial
  • Sleep is very important part of this medical routine, you must have at least 8 hours of sleep to refresh your mind and to revitalize your body.

These steps must be accordingly so that you will get most out of this brain supplement.


So many health related benefits in just a single pill, there are many ingredients available worldwide which are known to produce some good effects on brain but to be something else and in order to break the mind barrier which puts our thoughts in halt, they have added some unique ingredients which are extreme in their functioning, these ingredients are scientifically proven to provide some astonishing results in few months of its regular use. In the huge list of its ingredients the dope one’s are:

  • Decursinol
  • Rice flour
  • Leucine
  • Decurcine
  • Vegetable cellulose

We have listed barely 5 ingredients here, why is it so? Because of privacy case! The manufacturer believes that if they disclose the full ingredients list it might create some problem which can create various issues which might be difficult to handle them. But nevertheless those ingredients are natural and not man made so it is a plus point too, extracts of natural ingredients are blended in some unusual way to create more robust formula.Success behind every successful product is the formula and types of ingredients used in it, and if we talk about this brain supplement then we must say it has an amazing formula, after so many researches in medical science and things that kept in mind while producing & choosing the ingredients is that it is going to be used for brains so its protection is the priority that is why only those ingredients are used that are natural or extracted from nature. Full list of ingredients are not yet available but key ingredients are provided by makers that helps us in recognizing its knacks, these are:

  • Leucine
  • Vegetable cellulose
  • Rice flour
  • Decursin
  • Decursinol

Most of those ingredients must not feel familiar to you just because they have created something new and have patented under their companies’ name, that is not a minor thing rather a fantastic way to prove that they have worked for it. Now you might ask a question that, is it they did for getting famous then I must tell you that they don’t, clinical reports have shown that the formula have immense power that can unlock the brains potential with its regular use and peoples can see the difference in less than a month.Ingredients are the most important part of any supplement and the nature and potential of any product of supplements can used to determine the worth and effects on various things. Since brain is the most important part of our body and also the most delicate one, so the care must be taken, this is what the makers of this products thought and thus included natural ingredients only in this supplement so that no chemical can cause harm to the brain anyhow, which is the best part of this supplement. Now this powerful supplement contents are:

  • Rice flour
  • Leucine
  • Decursin
  • Vegetable cellulose
  • Decursinol

Is this the full list of ingredients?! NO! see for commercial and privacy purpose they does not disclosed it to public yet but the mian ingredients are in front of you which basically tells you about almost all the nutrients and vitamins that your brain acquire after consuming that pill. These ingredients are super powerful and know where to work best and where to not.



This unique formula which is known to be different from other supplements works in same way as other supplements do of same domain, so there is nothing much to tell, as in case of brain it very difficult for anyone to tackle the scientific terms and working. But it is important to note that it uses two router to reach out to brain, 1st spinal chord and 2nd is through blood stream, the former case is the new advancement in this area while some other supplements uses the latter route and from their they start to work on those area which needs modification.Since brain must be relaxed and clam so that it can perform various functions inside it. So what this pill does is that it includes all the natural ingredients that provides vital nutrients, proteins and vitamins which helps in improving the potential of your brain by 90% and helps your brain to be relaxed for long period of time and thereby improves the processing of thoughts and clears mind for easy retrieval of various stored things in it. It uses the central nervous system to reach at the top of the brain and in cerebrum it performs the vital functions.Is this thing, the brain supplement is opening the gateway to unlocking the barriers in our mind, we simply can not understand in normal terms and if I do try to explain you then first you will unable to understand the proper meaning and you might take in a wrong way or I simply can not able to make you understand in simpler terms. But what I can tell you is that it uses central nervous system as its carrier to brain where it reached the neuron and starts its process for whatever it is meant to.



  • Cognitive state can be increased
  • Relaxes and refreshes your mind
  • Make you vision, and thoughts more clear
  • Enriches the supply of oxygen to head
  • It reduces the age of the brain and makes it young
  • Improves the processing and retrieval power of thoughts
  • Helps in maintaining the clear memory
  • Helps in providing more oxygen to the brain
  • Boosts neurotransmitter
  • Helps to gain more concentration and focus
  • Eliminates all the cognitive decline that are settled with age
  • Unleashes your minds potential
  • Makes your mind calm and more relaxed than before
  • Helps you in clearing your thoughts and remembrance
  • Provides more amount of oxygen to your brain so that it will be more active


  • Still do not get approval from the FDA
  • Not meant for those who are allergic to medicines
  • Makes it doubtful by not providing the full list of ingredients
  • Not approved by the well known FDA
  • May not suit every person, so recommendation is required
  • May take different time for different persons to show results
  • FDA is not approving this product
  • Doctor’s recommendation is must so that there are no chance that it harm your brain in any way
  • Not available for all body types
  • Not meant to reduce or cure any brain disorder
  • Takes long time to show the results [ different for different persons and different habits ]


Buy COGNIQ from the link provided below and put the paddle of your memory to accelerator by igniting its fuel. You should be hurry up a bit or order it now.You can buy COGNIQ from the link given below. Buy it now because you do not know how worse things could go, before some kind of mishap buy it, and see the results. It should definitely works for you as it is works for others so will for you. You can buy COGNIQ from the link given below and stay away from these types of problems.

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